Twin souls

What are Twin Souls?

Twin souls, also called Twin Flames,  are literally the other half of your soul. This is based on the belief that we are all part of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, Creator. The Divine Being, in order to experience Its Self, divided into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final splitting of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole, the Twin Soul.

Twin souls share exactly the same energetic frequency or blueprint, but in the third dimensional (3D) paradigm (pre-Ascension) they exist on polar opposite ends of this frequency. This means that when the Twin Souls meet in human form their relationship is often one of immense attraction and also immense repulsion as they bring out all there is to heal in each other. They mirror each other’s pain like no other, so often an intense and unusual push-pull relationship develops. At various times, one or both of you, will run from the relationship because the distance feels safer. This is needed in order to heal and balance what you were actually running from, which is in fact, just aspects of yourself you do not fully unconditionally love and accept.

The primary purpose of meeting your Twin Soul is to heal, and find the balance within yourself  to connect to all that is. Your Twin’s love reminds you of the connection to Source and our purpose to balance the divine feminine energy with the divine masculine energy within.  Effectively this is what my work covers and my essences help balance and it doesn’t matter if you have met your human form twin soul or not. This is because in the 5th dimension and above there exists a spiritual twin who wants to come home to you. In the third dimension, you may attach this to a person, but this is an illusion. The person only represented and reflected an aspect of yourself you felt was missing. When you look into their eyes you see the missing you. I can teach you how to bring you back.

Meeting your Twin Soul in a life time is still relatively rare, but it is becoming more common as we head towards Ascension. The reason for this is some Twins will heal, reunite and form a relationship where their divine purpose will be to serve humanity in some way from the place of unified consciousness. It is said their healed combined energy together comes straight from the Source. Not all twin souls will reunite in human form for his purpose because freedom of choice still prevails. A twin may choose to continue to experience polarity, despite your soul contract. This doesn’t matter as you can still claim your whole soul. I have!

Personally I have found the Twin Soul relationship to have been the basis of my healing. I have never loved so fully, been rejected so graciously or had my heart-broken so painfully as I’ve had in this relationship. It’s the most intense and magical relationship one can experience when one is not healed. Thank goodness the healing continues and I’m eternally grateful I’ve met my Twin Soul, for I’ve learnt one must first love themselves unconditionally before they can love another in the same manner.

If you are experiencing uncertainty or confusion around a Twin Soul relationship, you can check out my services and book a session with me to understand your divine expression in the fifth dimension as a fully merged and balanced soul.

I also recommend reading the following rather lengthy article:

I highly recommend personal coaching sessions with Liora, who is a complete expert in Twin Soul relationships. Family, friends and I have had sessions with Liora and she truly answers many questions to assist you in understanding this very special and magical connection. Liora’s website is:

Here’s an interesting and affordable selection of books and courses about Twin souls:

Have fun!

5 responses to “Twin souls

  1. I loved this article!! I can see how I was trying to control my twin and longing for him to acknowledge what our relationship is. I can see how I need to surrender to the situation, and fully feel the part of me that feels this separation so deeply. Thank you for your wonderful insight, I feel much clearer now!

  2. Can a female be 15 years older than male in twin flame relation ships?

  3. Honestly, I have found my twin soul. Before I even met him & saw a picture of him.. This indescribable feeling came upon me & I fell Inlove with him the moment I met him. He passed away last year of a drug overdose. I miss him so much till this day. The crazy thing was he was exactly like me just older by three years & three days.

  4. Great article, interesting perspective

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